VOID AR Development Platform Terms of use Introduction


    Welcome to use VOID AR Development Platform.

    Before in the use of VOID AR development platform and related services(“VOID AR DEV”), you should read carefully and agree with the VOID AR Development Platform Terms of use(“TOU”). You must read carefully and fully understand the terms of each clause, in particular the terms of the exemption or limitation of liability, and the separate agreements and rules governing the opening or use of a service.

    Unless you are agreeing to this TOU, you may not and should not download or use the VOIDAR DEV services supported by Chengdu Miyo Network Technology Co., Ltd.(“Miyo Network”) Miyo Network will authorize you to use the VOID AR development platform and related services in worldwide(“Restricted area are excluded”). Once you register with VOID AR or use any service from VOID AR, it means you agree to and accept with this TOU completely.

    If you are under 18 years of age, please read this TOU and other related agreements and rules with the legal guardian.

1. Terminology

1.1 VOID AR Development Platform

    VOID AR Development Platform is developed by Miyo Network. It opens for data, text, code libraries, tools, software, development kits, documentation, and application related materials to third party developers. It helps you to achieve AR effect and functions into your applications and products. The official website of VOID AR is:https://www.voidar.com

    VOID AR Development Platform includes: VOID AR SDK, VOID AR Model Tracking SDK, VOID AR CLOUD API, VOID AR background management, and related documentations and services.

1.2 User

    User refers to the use of VOID AR development platform access services to individuals, legal persons, and other organizations, in this agreement referred to as "you"。

2. Rights and Duties

2.1 Your rights and duties

    (1). You must guarantee that your activities implemented by VOID DEV is real and safe; the application of configuration information and content information, upload pictures, multimedia files (such as video, link) are in line with the requirements of local laws and regulations; if it relates to any other third party, you shall comply with the relevant agreement to any other third party, and does not infringe any third party's legitimate rights and interests, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, privacy, copyright, trademark right, patent right, right of reputation, the right of portrait. Otherwise, all the consequences and legal liability caused by the lawsuit, fine or other sanctions imposed by you in violation of this guarantee shall be borne by you alone, irrespective of the Miyo Network. If the Miyo Network suffers by your violation of this guarantee, you should also compensate for it.

    (2). You are responsible for your application, including product realization, operation promotion, technical maintenance and customer service etc. Any disputes or disputes that may arise between you and your application users should be resolved independently by you and your application users. The Miyo Network will not be involved, and you and your application users will have no right to assign any responsibility to the Miyo Network.

    (3). All content on your application shall not contain any information contrary to national laws, regulations and policies, including but not limited to:

        a. Opposed to the basic principles established by the constitution;

        b. Endangering nation security, divulging nation secrets, subverting nation power and undermining the unity of the nation ;

        c. Damage to the honour and interest of the nation;

        d. Inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination and undermining national unity;

        e. Undermining nation religious policies and promoting cults and feudal superstition;

        f. Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror, or abetting crime;

        g. Insulting or slander others and infringing upon the lawful rights and interests of others;

        h. Containing any other content prohibited by laws or administrative regulations.

    (4). You may not use and imitate the use of any of the Miyo Network's commercial logos without Miyo Network's prior written permission; you may not use an identity similar to Miyo Network's commercial logo so as not to confuse the user; if you do not cooperate, Miyo Network have the right to suspend or terminate the service for you.

    (5). You must assure that: by your users in using your application or service content (including but not limited to the name, chat, news, comments, etc.) does not violate the provisions of laws and regulations authorized regional policy, not to damage the People's Republic of China national security and interests of the information, does not involve any reactionary, pornography, gambling to slander others, infringement and other illegal information, if the above situation occurs, you will promptly delete or take reasonable measures. You will be responsible for any of the disputes, penalties or other legal liabilities caused by your violation of this guarantee, and also for the losses caused to Miyo Network, and you shall compensate for it in full.

    (6). During the use of the VOIDAR DEV, you may not add any spyware, hacking, violent terrorist procedures, malicious programs, monitoring procedures and so on. In addition, you need to respect the user, in the search for users and their friends, contacts and other private information, you need to obtain the user's explicit consent, and strictly abide by the permissions they grant you access to this information.

    (7). In the use of the VOIDAR DEV, you may need to register for the VOID CLOUD account to obtain the AccessKey and the SecretKey. You must guarantee that the account and keys mentioned above should be used by your own, and you must keep it properly, you shall not transfer, lease or license it in any other way. You are solely responsible for all of the consequences and losses caused by your violation to this guarantee, and also for the losses caused to Miyo Network, and you shall compensate for it in full.

2.2 Miyo Network's rights and duties

    (1). Miyo Network has the right to know your registration information and identity data. If Miyo Network find any problems or doubts about the information and data, Miyo Network may ask you to correct them within a limited time, or directly screen or delete them and so on.

    (2). Miyo Network only provides the underlying technical support of VOID AR DEV platform , we do not actually control you or your application, so we will not make any express or implied warranty on your application security, integrity, authenticity, accuracy and applicability.

    (3). If there is any of the following circumstances,  in a reasonable degree and as in the level of knowledge of ordinary people, Miyo Network has the right to make judgements and measures, including but not limited to, suspend, freeze, or terminate the partial or full service provided:

        a. Any third party informs Miyo Network that you have committed an offence or an improper situation;

        b. Any third party demur to you or your application and notify Miyo Network;

        c. Miyo Network reserves the right to change or terminate the services of the VOIDAR DEV at any time, and executing this right shall not be liable to you. Miyo Network can notify you by web page announcement, email, phone or letter delivery. At the time of publication or delivery, this notice is deemed to have been delivered to the recipient and the recipient have been aware of it.

    (4). Miyo Network has the right to develop applications or services that are similar to or competitive with your application or service function.

    (5). Miyo Network has the right to use all of the information you provide during using the VOIDAR DEV platform and its related services, except communication content, legal contracts and confidential materials between you and the Miyo Network.

    (6). If you are in violation of the rules of use VOIDAR Dev platform, Miyo Network has the right in accordance with the provisions of this TOU and decide to take the following action, including but not limited to: close your application or service access interface, the termination of the service, and other appropriate measures.

    (7). If you are banned for operating in violation of the relevant laws and regulations, or the entire responsibility arising from the supervision and seizure of the illegal operation is solely yours, Miyo Network has the right to terminate this agreement unilaterally. If the circumstances are serious and harmful to the Miyo Network, you shall compensate for all the losses and be responsible for restoring the reputation.

3. Suspension or Termination of Service

    (1). You should submit relevant information accurately according to Miyo Network's requirements, if your registration information is not true and accurate, Miyo Network has the right to suspend or terminate this agreement to provide the service, and all the consequences arising therefrom and legal responsibility are at your own risk.

    (2). Miyo Network has the right to suspend or terminate the service at any time in case you are found to have violated any of the regulations and the provisions of this agreement. If you continue to register directly or indirectly or in the name of another person using the VOIDAR development platform, Miyo Network has the right to suspend or terminate the service directly or unilaterally.

    (3). If this agreement is the termination of service, Miyo Network has the right to decide whether to save your relevant data of the VOIDAR development platform and historical records, whether to retain the information for you, also has the right to delete the information you have not completed yet.

4. Privacy Clause

    (1). Miyo Network attaches importance to the protection of user privacy, and privacy is one of our basic policies. The information you provide and some other information we have retained will be protected by the associated privacy laws in China. You should abide by China's privacy laws and policies.

    (2). You acknowledge and agree with that: in order to enhance the quality and availability of the VOIDAR development platform and related services, Miyo Network will collect your registration information, including user name, Email and so on. When you use this service, we may analyze your usage, collect and access part of the information and data in your use , including user data, pictures, video, text, and take the initiative to send the position information.

    (3). In case of any of the following circumstances, Miyo Network has the right to disclose your information:

        a. Disclosed by your consent;

        b. Disclosed according to the relevant provisions of the law, or the requirements of the administrative and judicial organs, to the third party or the administrative and judicial institutions;

        c. If you appear in violation of Chinese relevant laws, regulations, rules and policies, Miyo Network needs to disclose to the third parties.

        d. Others that we consider appropriate to disclose for the purpose of serving the users.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

    (1). It is your duty to respect intellectual property rights. If there is any violation, you should take legal responsibility. The services Miyo Network provides are protected by trademarks, copyrights, patents and international treaties, and Miyo Network has full rights and interests in this service. This Agreement does not authorize you to obtain our rights and interests in any intellectual property rights.

    (2). VOIDAR Dev platform and all related services, their intellectual property rights and ownership belong to Chengdu Miyo Network Technology Co., Ltd.. Without our prior consent in writing circumstances, you can not make any harmful behaviors to Miyo Network, such as reproduction, sale, transfer, decomposition, decompile, modify or change any part of the function.

    (3). If you will apply this service to your website, products, academic research, etc, you need to cite with "void AR" and "https://www.voidar.com" in your promotional materials, technical documents, academic papers. Without correct and complete reference is deemed to be an infringement, Miyo Network reserves the right to pursue the legal liability, except approved by our prior written permission.

6. Pricing

    (1). VOIDAR development platform and its related services are currently available for free. You understand and agree with that Miyo Network may start charging for some services in the future. Before we start charging, Miyo Network will make announcements on the relevant services page. If you do not agree to the above payment, you should stop using the service immediately.

    (2). There are two versions of the VOIDAR SDK:  the release version and the beta version.

        a. Release Version: A stable version that can be downloaded from https://www.voidar.com. For respecting our intellectual property rights, if you develop your application with the release version SDK, please add a startup page of video of VOID AR while launching your app ( The startup video scene “SplashVideo.scene” is located in VOID AR SDK package, its directory is [ Assets ] -> [ VoidARDemo ] -> [ Scenes ] ). If it is not possible to make, please contact the Miyo Network business personnel email: bd@voidar.com. If you violate the provisions of this clause, Miyo Network has the right to suspend or terminate the service at any time.

        b. Beta Version: The informal version SDK is open to some users so that it can be further improved and improved for the official release version. The beta version is only specified users to complete the testing and debugging, there might be unstable situations. In order to distinguish between these two versions intuitively, some module of the beta version will add a watermark. If you need to remove the watermark, please contact the Miyo Network business personnel e-mail: bd@voidar.com.

    (3). Cloud Recognition: This service already includes the experience scale, the free foundation cloud recognition service. If your application needs to use a larger scale and magnitude of cloud recognition services, please contact the Miyo Network business personnel e-mail: bd@voidar.com.

    (4). VOID AR Model Tracking SDK: You can download it from https://www.voidar.com to get the model tracking SDK for experience. Experience edition will add a VOID AR watermark, if you need to remove the watermark, please contact the Miyo Network business personnel e-mail: bd@voidar.com.

7. Modification and Transfer of the Agreement

    (1). We may transfer part or all of the rights and obligations under this agreement to the other third parties. If you do not agree, you have the right to discontinue the use of the services under this agreement. If you continue to use it, which is deemed you accept it.

    (2). When you use this service from Miyo Network, you promise to accept and comply with these clauses. Miyo Network has the right to make and amend this agreement or any clauses from time to time without the need for further notice. Once the change, we will publish the revised agreement or clauses in the relevant page, if you do not agree with the content of the changes, should take the initiative to cancel the service, if you continue to use the service, is deemed to have accepted the agreement or clause change. Unless otherwise expressly stated, any new content that enlarges or enhances the scope of the service shall be bound by this agreement.

8. General Defenses

    (1). We are committed to providing the best service and support to the users, in view of the special nature of the network services, you acknowledge and agree with that with any reason, without any condition, Miyo Network is able to change, interrupt or terminate some or all of the VOIDAR development platform and its related services. And in accordance with this agreement, Miyo Network is able to delete any information you submit during the use of services, and Miyo Network is not responsible to you or the third parties. At the end of the service, the right to use this service is terminated immediately, and the Miyo Network no longer assumes any obligation to you. You acknowledge and agree with that the change of service interruption or termination, belongs to the Miyo Network's strategy and business decisions. Because of the change of service interruption or termination, the users may not request Miyo Network continue to provide services, or ask for compensation in any form of any nature,etc.

    (2). Miyo Network has the right to regularly or periodically maintain its network services platform and repair the related equipment, if the network services are interrupted or suspended within a reasonable period of time due to such circumstances, the Miyo Network shall not be responsible for it.

    (3). If any of the following circumstances result in your loss, the Miyo Network will not be held responsible:

        a. In case of force majeure;

        b. Hacker attacks, computer virus intrusion or attack;

        c. The computer system has been destroyed, paralyzed, or unable to function properly;

        d. Technical adjustment of the telecommunications sector;

        e. Temporarily closed due to government control;

        f. Others are not caused by Miyo Network's faults.

    (4). For the VOIDAR Dev platform and its related services, we cannot guarantee their stability and compatibility in the high security requirements of the field (including but not limited to nuclear facilities, aircraft navigation or communication systems, air traffic control, life support system or weapon system operation, etc.), or in those important application might affect life safety and property safety. You acknowledge and agree with that VOIDAR is not designed for such purposes, in this case, if there is any loss, injury or death caused by relevant application errors, the Miyo Network does not assume any responsibility.

    (5). Miyo Network is in no way responsible for any direct and indirect, incidental, special and following the damage of such damages, including but not limited to Loss or damage of data and other personal or business information, loss of profits, data anomalies etc.. This limitation of liability remains applicable even if we know or should know the possible consequences. Even if the law does not allow certain responsibility of the above limit, we assume this responsibility should not be more than one thousand yuan.

9. Interpretation of Agreement, Application of Law and Settlement of Disputes

    (1). VOIDAR Dev platform and its related services ownership, management rights belong to Chengdu Miyo Network Technology Co., Ltd. All.

    (2). Chengdu Miyo Network Technology Co., Ltd. has the right to interpret the terms of this agreement within the maximum extent permitted by law.

    (3). The validity, performance of this Agreement and all matters relating to the validity of this Agreement and its amendment shall be governed by the laws of the mainland of the People's Republic of China, and any dispute shall apply only to the laws of the People's Republic of China mainland.

    (4). Any disputes arising out of this agreement between Miyo Network and any parties, shall first settle the matter through friendly negotiation. If the negotiations fail, both parties agree to submit the dispute or controversy to the local court where Chengdu Miyo Network Technology Co. Ltd. is located.

    (5). This Agreement shall be valid both in English and in Chinese, and if the two parties are in conflict, the Chinese version shall prevail.

10. Contact Us

    For any queries, complaints, comments or suggestions based on this platform, this Agreement and the clauses, you can contact us by mail at any time. The email address is: ar@voidar.com

Chengdu Miyo Network Technology Co. Ltd.